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Spectre Ringtones I
Ringtones included:
Laibach - The Whistleblowers (Whistle & Snare) Get from iTunes*
Laibach – Bossanova (I Want Torture!) Get from iTunes*
Laibach – Eurovision (Europe is Falling Apart) Get from iTunes*
Laibach – Koran (Believe) Get from iTunes*
Laibach – Resistance Is Futile (Borg Theme) Get from iTunes*
Get "Spectre Ringtones I" from the Laibach WTC
Spectre Ringtones II
Ringtones included:
Laibach - Eat Liver!
Laibach - Koran (Morning Glory)
Laibach - No History (Alarm)
Laibach - Resistance is Futile (We are Laibach)
Laibach - The Whistleblowers (Solo Whistle)
Laibach - We Are Millions
Get "Spectre Ringtones II" from the Laibach WTC

* iTunes links are only available for mobile iOS devices. Since iTunes does not show ringtones on desktops it is neccessary to use a mobile device such as iPhone/iPad/iPod.
On Laibach WTC ringtones are available as digital download and can be used on any platform (Android, iOS, Windows,...)